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LCDistort Series

2010 – Present | Watercolor On Paper

The digital age has changed our relationship to nature. We experience it through our smartphone screens, compose it, crop it, and filter it in order to get the perfect image to share on social media. However, during this process, we also discover and appreciate parts of nature we may have otherwise overlooked.

For this series, I am working with macro photography of organic objects, digitally manipulating light and color beyond recognition, then painting the resulting images in watercolor. The digital alterations create a different context for the organic shapes and enable me to study and enjoy them without the interference of preconceived ideas about what they are actually supposed to be. Additional artwork will be added as I continue to work on the series.

I | 20×16 INCHES | Private Collection

LCDistort: I

LCDistort I

II | 20×16 INCHES

LCDistort: II

LCDistort II