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Located just west of Chicago, ReUse Depot is an architectural salvage warehouse dedicated to reducing the waste from the renovation and rebuilding of residential and commercial structures. Existing brand collateral positioned the warehouse squarely in the construction industry and turned off many desirable customer demographics, and ReUse Depot needed to reposition itself.

ReUse Depot customers love the unique experience of visiting the warehouse and often compare it to a treasure hunt. Inspired by this feedback, I worked to create a brand that could convey this feeling of excitement and discovery. Mixing aesthetics inspired by toy stores and workshops, I created a versatile brand language that is fun, engaging, and attractive across multiple audience segments.

As part of the new brand, I built a new WordPress website for ReUse Depot, customizing the Make theme from Theme Foundry to meet the store’s needs. The site uses WooCommerce integration to display warehouse inventory, a feature long requested by ReUse Depot customers.